15 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 26

Wow... the list grows and grows. Already the 26th part of my tour today! I knew after I have finished my last tour It would be an epic journey next time. But that Im about to double the post-count is something which pretty suprises my by myself. But there actually so many things to see and to poke your nosy nose in... but lets go on with documenting the events as they happened. I hope you enjoy!

Warrumbungles - arent these things ususally used against parachuters?

An instant church out of the rezz-box!

Some definite signs they're building a vampire sim here: oversized castles and/or churches, rivers of blood and...

...a cheesy graveyard!

Not far from the vampire-hangout I discovered a spa which turned out to be just the start of some bigger complex:.

Nerriga - North DeMortesville - after I did wash all the blood (lines) off ;-)

Ah - this explains why they mentioned the L-word in their group.

Having a chat with the local 'Doc' Murika Inaka. She's specialized on non-human patients like Lycans, Furries and Elves... good to know. I however prefer self-medication (I can even cure the most serious cases of ruthing!)

The Doc told me a few things about the place. DeMortesville is a pretty friendly, open minded role-playing community (remember the L-word?). She also informed me I did land at the majors backyard, but this way at least a conversation was started ;-)

After our talk I of course did some  exploring there:

A pretty urban place.

The local Area-51-Substitue I assume

Right opposite to it you can find the municipal part of town: townhall and cinema.

Ok, I don't like griefer too - but that's a bit exaggerated...

South of DeMortesville lies something I couldn't identify first but which turned out as airport!

It turned out being the Baitoushan-Airport I have visited before... *coughs embarrassed*
Did I mention navigating on the ground is more difficult than in the air? I'm sure I did. And it was pretty late too...

Posing again at Baitoushan Airport - just seconds before I notice I was already here...

After this moment of insight I found out its time to call it a day. Its been a long but interesting ride. And the rest of Corsica will wait for me till I return. Im pretty sure!

Back to the start? Well... not really. It sometimes just happens that you return to a place where you've been before. And sometimes its even intentional! Not in this case though :-) Since I'm back at an airport it teases me to do some flying again for exploring that island in the north - if there weren't this alarming "Premium Rentals" sign above them...

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