11 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 23

Back after a little biking hiatus! Well, actually it was only a few days but the exploring fever grabbed me again - and we have even the magical mysterious 23th part today!
Despite my expectations I didn't ran into any one-eyed-pyramids or was stalked by conspirators - at least not that I have noticed ;-)
Since I was back at the road again my journey was nicely smooth and did lead me pretty straight into the south of Nautilus again.

Plenodyes - quite nice service: sim-crossing warning signs! Too bad they didn't protected me from crashing after I took that picture. Time for clearing cache (and turning off some programs running in the background...)

Borland Fell - quite representative.

Siliconicus - he looks cute, doesn't he? I bet they would have won the cold war with more of his kind ;-)

The Place is called "Art at Road 13" which is - I have to admit - a pretty accurate description.
For other things though I had to find a suiting name by myself:

Baddest - prim sandwich - king-size.

West Helsen - of course this building woke my interest...

...so I had to take a look inside.

Kings Bishop - No, it was really not me! They must have had a tropical thunderstorm here.

Very nice - but what I find really cool here is...

...that they have a cave here too!
Wolf Walk - you may wonder what my bike does up there. Well, dont ask...

Wolf Walk - the cave turned out to be a tunnel leading me to some volcanos and deer and - stuff... ;-)

Wolf Walk - not far away from the volcano and stuff is a Egyptian temple-ruin.

Today's route lead me almost along the entire road 13 - something I haven't noticed until marking my path on this map. I am pretty close to the place where my exploration of Nautilus has started. Perhaps I'll turn west next time trying my luck again at the archipelago there.

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