13 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 25

The most pleasant things happening while touring aren't things like finding nice photo opportunities, or speeding up with a noisy vehicle. No, its the pleasant fact that you meet interesting new people and have good conversations with them!
Thanks to this my tour today was pretty eventful - even if it wasn't the most extensive one. You never know what awaits you when travelling!

Kutze - taking off into - hopefully - more friendly skies this time!

a quick stop at the Castle Valeria Infohub.

It didnt took long until my... inconspicuous little plane got some attention. Someone however seemed to have understood the meaning of the crosses totally wrong:

Some Resident: hey help im well i need an ambulance plz
Me: what can i do for you?
Me: oooh wait...
Me: you think thats the ambulance??
Some Resident: well kinda
Me: lol
Me: its more for... supplying the ambulance

Castle Valerian is a usually pretty well frequented Info Hub. And pretty inviting looking too.

Oh, and Info Hubs are perhaps the only place in the world where you can get random friend-invitations from people who call themselves poohbear. After taking off from the castle it was time to get closer to Corsica. The continent did welcome me pretty friendly:

Kinrara - an airport just when I need one - YEAH!

Compared to all these modern-times aircraft my faithful triplane remains pretty outstanding, don't you think? It has a very own charme and... magical aura even.

Pretending interest into aviation reglementations. "Only Helicopter"-landing zones - as if I care...

Kinrara - hmmm- this wasn't here last night: Wondering with my new friend Sara Llewellyn what this countdown means. I guess we will see an air race here soon.

Baitoushan - refueling le petite rouge - if they have something for me too?

Hubunny - almost there! Touching ground on an island close to Corsica Mainland. Whithout my plane though Sometimes lag can strike you out of the blue while peaceful sim-crossing.... btw: they charge 100 L$ for using picnic basket - silly humans!

You won't be able to step on this little island - it lies off-sim!

Pennycat - a different kind of sim-crash.

Reaching the continant of Corsica at the "Elder Kiki Club" - whatever that means.

A Map. I wonder if the Kiki Club has a Kiki-Kitchen too...

Socksamillion - Its been a while since I've seen a castle - hasn't it?

The Interior though offers little more than the usual castle-furnishing: lots of surrounded space and too less prims left for decoration.

You can see clearly the different locations I've visited this time. From Kutze on the southern edge of the map north to Castle Valerian and then flying a long turn to the west for landing at Corsica eventually.

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  1. Sara Llewellyn15 June 2011 at 09:04

    Hey there! Nice to see your travels turned out for the better, can't wait to see where you'll turn up next! :o) No doubt we'll bump into one another again!