17 June 2011

Visions in Virtual Space - Stanley Kubrick in Second Life

Some directors make entertaining films, others make art. Stanley Kubrick was the rare example of a director who actually can do both. He envisioned great images which literally became legendary but never without a deeper meaning.

The Kubrick Rooms feature scenes from some of his most famous films like A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, A Space Odyssey and Dr. Strangelove.

The welcome could be nicer...

Meet the Master behind this door - or at least his films ;-)

 Quite the Shining: The floor just soakes you in - the door to the infamous room number 237 leads you to various other sets from his films.

The War-Room from Dr. Strangelove. I hope I haven't hit a wrong button.

Note to all mad scientists: goggles are the windows to the soul!

2001 - A Space Odyssey: Welcome to the future - we even have gift-shops here!

The canvas in front of me is supposed to play clips from the film. Well, perhaps it shows a close-up of a solar eclipse or something now...

May I introduce: HAL. My last computer actually did remind me quite a lot on him with its power-light at just the same place.

The Moloko-Bar from A Clockwork Orange: Getting ready for some ultra-... chillout of course!

The Shining: Hey! Can't you see im busy??

Too bad Kubrick never had the chance of making real use of digital technologies. What would he have done with all the possibilities modern CGI offers?
We will never know... but at least some of his visions made it into the digital world. Check it out! :-)

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