4 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 22

Time to go back to some biking. At least I tried but the archipelago I was travelling through wasn't really supportive. I couldn't go far until I... but you can imagine the rest.
Anyway. I went on by foot. Heading straight to the east to find Road 13. A pretty colorful journey and one of my longest photo-series in a single post I guess!

Remonta - a tropical space snow-globe or so...

Nevergo - pouting after I hit a banline

Hellish - virtual wind-turbines are cute, aren't they? But no, don't get me started about the energy-consumption of the Second Life grid...

Paraholic - Safe Harbour - and a nice looking one too.

They got already Osama - he will be next...

Whippendom - an airplane-wreck, a whale sceleton, a teddy and a takeaway... I guess its impossible to reconstruct the incident which happened here.

Ooooh - a piece of home! A pretty sticky one though.

Quirrola - it couldn't be more subtle.

I bet her name is Mary Jane

The interior is confusing and laggy to say the least. While I first thought its sheer incapacity of the builder I think now its a sales strategy simulating a trip. Too bad you barely can focus on anything they try to sell here though...

camping! Good Lord I haven't seen such places for ages.

Silly texture-scripts, particle overkill and a very unfortunate design made the whole shopping mall to a memorable experience. You can compare it with walking through a colourful, blinking, shiny dough which gives you no chance to concentrate on something for longer than half a second. However, the total composition gives the place its unique charme - sort of ;-)
I was pretty happy though when I finally found out.

Quirrola - well... what should I say about this shop? At least it has less blingbling.

Quargar - Fort Machism I suppose... can you imagine something worse than teenie-latino-wannabe-machos playing soldier?

Well, lets say I hope they're teens... either teens or retarded adults ;-)
Btw: you can turn the annoying fog they want to conceal their place off with turning your particles to zero. But actually... its perhaps not a bad idea not seeing it at all...

Planodyes - OMFG - Im back on the road!!!

Today's reconstrucition of the route is more guessing again. It was a pretty eventful (and in some cases very colorful) journey but I'm glad to be back on the road again. My journey is still supposed to be a bike tour after all ;-)

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