23 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 28

So far Corsica seems to be inhabited by pretty friendly and creative people. Pleasant chats, a low number of eyesores - I can't complain! Today I followed the coastline leading me further into the east and closer towards roads - as I hoped.
And indeed I did find something road-like after a short while:

Vaktarin - its not a bridge - its Route 11 - well at least until I ran out of "road" again.
Yes, I know its most likely not for bikes - but since its a bike-tour and I prefer economic ways of exploring instead of hiking (I can have this often enough, if I like it or not, believe me^^).

My path led me finally to the region Brie where - besides an chat-spammer someone left at an abandoned parcel - the friendly Samson Novi resides.

Brie - Sami and Some: A friendly encounter  on top of a true monster...

...or how would you call this?

Some kind of monster.

Thankfully Sami didnt forgot to put some beauty at her parcel too: Little Falls!

Meditating at Sami's Little Falls. A lovely little oasis.

Reishi - teasing some tank-AI back on Route 11. It usually takes a while till it finds its way and it never looks pretty elegant then.

Pilatianus - a shame there no rezz-zones here- at least the landscape here is rather pleasant.

A guitar store - and they even give one away for free - A Gibson double neck!

Let's rock! (figuratively)

Thats so typically American!

Good one!

Today I followed Route 11 . even in the parts I where I thought it already has ended (the dotted line as usual). Again it was pretty enjoyable. With good chats, a welcome freebie and plenty of photo opportunities. The current route seems to go on for quite some miles. Lets see where it will lead me to!

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