26 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 21

Surprise Surprise! After clubbing last night with Miss Victorias I was allowed to stay out of the cage for a day and serve the rest of my time later! Of course I used this opportunity to go on with biking and exploring the archipelago in the west of Nautilus. At some moments though I almost wished that... nooo... just kidding. The trip wasnt that bad!

Rebeck - 10 commandments for sale - what should I think about this?

Costard - playing some slayer for a change.

Btw: entering this place triggers an automatic vistor message:
[09:27] Visitor Master: Welcome to my home, please enjoy yourself. Remember this is a PG realm, garments must be worn in the public viewing areas and all intimate attributes must be put away or covered.
Sounds like a true fun place - huh?

Since the coastline-sims again seemed pretty "banned" I decided to try my luck on the archipelago in the southwest.

Montague - taking off from the Fairlady
My flight took only a few second though for reasons you might imagine already. I decided going on travelling by bike to be more promising.

Scroop - Kingdom of Syldavia - a temporary return to a road.

Banquo - Grand Entertaimnent Complex - pretty cool club for sale here.

...and a cute kitten-club too!

Trueblood - I wonder if there's a chapter about Drows too.

The Five Second LIfe Commandments - not for sale.

Pisanio - Posing at the "Cheeky Kitten Magical Pet Market"

Hmmm - kitty needs diet?

Erlingford - quite the hidden underwater-wonderland!

Today's path at its closest guessing. Again you can see my brave attempts to find a way passing banned parcels and even whole sims in the west of Nautilus. My next steps are now getting back to the continent and taking the road you can see in the lower right corner.

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