28 May 2011

Time Standing Still - The Mysteries of Pteron - Part II

I love Pteron not only for its enigmatic alien architecture but also for the fact that you can take a piece of it home too. Well, actually more than a piece - its quite a number of unique and stunning looking artifacts.
So I decided that the second part of my expedition will be a little guide leading you to the hidden treasures of Pteron I was able to discover so far. Obtaining these gifts is pretty easy: either you will get them in your inventory by clicking it, or you have to "buy" them for 0 L$. Shopping can be so much fun!

A stylish bedside lamp.

Clicking on the rotating... thing gives you a dream-dance-animation.

Not far from the dance you can also find this glowing plant. One of several hidden at the sim.

There are some Preserver (a kind of stasis-boxes) stored in this tank.

Preserved Drow.

Next to the preserving tank is a strange hovering device called "flow" and a Pteron photo-book.

Odd things are hidden here. An Atom-Avatar and a pretty big fountain!

So much for the city of Pteron itself. In my next posts I will continue with the locations Coma, Nostos, Kyklos and Speciation. Until then I wish you happy souvenier-hunting!

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