10 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 15

Today proved to be quite a test of nerves as the banlines just wouldn't get less... I partly didn't even tried to rezz a bike since I would loose it 2 mins later when hitting the next banned parcel. Some things can really be a killjoy. But eventually things went better - much better!

Padan - Travelling through the bare emptyness (or is it an empty bareness?) in middle of Nautilus.

Garda - Its not a bug - its Second Life!

Arginutti - The Beach Party Club - a biker contest - quite fitting!

San Valentino - this place is called Pandemonium. This doesn't looks that demonic though.

Ok, this looks more demonic...

Camorro - Yeah - I found a ROAD! Isn't it beautiful?

Camorro - The red star mark my position. Oh and there is actually a trick to decorate official Linden Labs signs with graffiti: The root prim should be on your land, the rest can be placed freely outside of it.

Lafew - the opera of Sydney surely had an influence on that one.

Donalbain - Tiggerworks - cute shop!

Turning right and taking the eastern route.

Today's route - mostly it was trying to get ahead avoiding banned sims. The grey center of the landmass is quite as bare as it looks from the map btw. ;-)

Is there something worse than having no road for biking? Yes definitely: banlines... The whole eastern coast you can see on the map is polluted with them. Its really not a good thing to mess up mainland with them... Imagine a newbie teleporting around and hitting a bunch of banned sims - you can easily loose interest that way...
Anyway - after I found Road 12 the ride was wonderfully enjoyable again and I'm looking forward to see more of free accessible Nautilus!

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