31 May 2011

Me and my Cave

As you surely know a Drow is pure underground... literally. We live subterranean, usually don't like height and find the most cuddly spots rather in self-dug earth-holes or cozy caves than in extravagant canopy beds.
So it was rather naturally that I would eventually own my own cave in Second Life too. My friend Nepal was so kind and surprised me with a lovely made and already furnished cave in the heart of Panoply! What a lovely home!

Welcome at my palace, human! Want have a tour?

I always felt human houses dramatically overrated. Here you are much closer to mother earth (and no annoying neighbors too)!

And there even some great programs on TV.

Nepal did such a lovely job with furnishing my cave I really didn't had to change much, just adding some minor things.

Everything a Drow needs: a refrigerator. plenty of books, a shower, a sofa, a cage for humans (the only really essential thing I had to add) and a cozy campfire.

Enjoying a chilled tropical sunset.

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