14 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 16

How much I liked being back at the civilized and visitor friendly parts of Nautilus. The developed parts of the Second Life Mainland usually contain a lot of photo-opportunities, which woke some expectations in me - and I didn't got disappointed! Oh, and as a nice side-effect I made quite some miles too!

Donalbain - getting started for today's leg on a beautifully winding road.

McIntyre - thats not only a hint to the creators of Second Life but also an insde joke you likely miss if you are not German.

McIntyre - the owner is obviously a Lord of the Rings-fan. Btw: No, I have not intended to look like Freddy with this shirt!

Of course I had to try the train!

St. Jin Bahnhof

Quite the view!

This cocktail bar gets my full five stars-rating...

...because it was a church before!

Lori - is it just me or does this thing look like a giant climbing post for cats? For preventing any cat to accidentally climb it the post got of course a banline...

Gavello - cruising my friend Morticia. No, the "Test me"-sign doesn't points at me!

Molvena - thats the proof: My stripes are highly fashionable!

Today was pretty much fun to ride! Its so pleasant to have a real road under your wheels and real designated rezz-zones and all that cool luxury! There are also quite some sights at the roadside. All in all a very enjoyable journey!

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