17 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 17

Today I had a pretty smooth ride to the far northeast of Nautilus until I decided to do some flying to get back to the junction at Donalbain for not driving the same path again. I really should have avoided these islands. It seems the coastline here is in general inhabited with banlineophile people...

Guthrum - this thing here just hypnotized me...

Svavarsson - Thrashing @ Rug's Boom Boom Blue

Rannveig - reaching the far northeast of the developed part of Nautilus.

And Linden Labs invented the wheel!

Thorlaug - Corazon and the Pirate's Disco and Dance Club - I can hardly imagine a less suiting combination of decor and music stream than here.

Seems the biking went too smooth. So I had to take the plane for a bit... challenge (or frustration perhaps...) on the ride back west. Anyway. The picture below should stand as symbol for the whole flight. I guess you can imagine the (banline-polluted) rest:

McIntyre - sort of landing I guess...

I also picked up my friend Morticia for the ride west. Seems I just needed more sarcastic comments from her ;-)

Return to Donalbain -  But this time again with my friend Morticia! We are simply a great team. Like black and white, (almost literally), Batman and Robin, Beavis and Butthead, salt and pepper or a bottle of wine and painkillers...

Cecil - Morti tries to activate a stargate
I never thought much about these gates (for a big part because I think the series is quite the nonsense) until I saw one at her home too. They are not only decoration. In fact they are a teleportation network. This one here though belongs to another system ;-)

Cecil - Drows don't overtake... they make attack runs on slow driving traffic! (Imagine Wagner's Ride of The Walkyries for this picture).

Is it breaking-in if the owner of the house saw you and then hid in a skybox after you entered the place?

Elsa - exploring a suspiciously elvish-looking village called Acorn Valley.

While in the village Morti became pretty quiet. Usually this means either shes in trouble or fell asleep on her laptop. I guessed the latter one. And was right ;-)
What a shame she crashed when I tried to bring her home. Of course gagged and hogtied for... uhm - preventing sleepwalking.

Morti lost in Lag-Nirvana.

Quite an epic journey today from Strembo to Elsa. And except the usual banlines on the islands in the northeast it was very pleasant and smooth too! I can only recommend this part of the continent. At least if you stay on the roads.

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