3 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 13

Was the banline situation last time bad enough today it got worse. At some sims its almost impossible to walk around at all. Not speaking of riding a bike. I really wonder why people who are so much into their privacy that they fence themselves with silly banlines are renting parcels at public places like the mainland... there are so many nicely remote sims available where they can hide themselves!

Fanghammer - finally I'm able to rezz my bike again. The little stream here seems to be made of animated gifs. Quite interesting effect!

Senna - a nicely filthy little club. I'm not sure how its called though. The sign on the wall says Underworld, the group is Mikrocosmos. I doubt it sees too much action...

Directly above the club are some toilets. A rarity in Second Life (especially clean ones). The club also provides them with nicely psychedelic lightening slipping through its ceiling.

Zapico - finally something worth to photograph after annoying banlines and orbs again: The sollution for every parking problem. It would look gorgeous in pink with silver stars and "Princess" writing on it...

But somehow I like this one even better.

As expected the shop was surrounded by a banline-minefield. A really frustrating experience especially when your bike gets stuck on them with no possibility to rezz a new one for miles. But sometimes endurance (or being simply too stubborn to give up) gets rewarded:

Kuhnke - enjoying a little break after the banline-purgatory.  

Kuhnke - Spooky Heights - the name already tells it.

A bit too much amusement-ride-style. And it obviously the roof is leaky too.
Next to the gallows lies a hidden trapdoor to the dungeon. A pretty bloodthirsty but also corny place which deserves one out of 5 handcuffs in my dungeon and prison-rating - not really worth a picture.

But luckily only a few banlines further there are more tasteful buildings:

Stacey - Darkstone Kingdoms - nice decor. And the Albrecht Dürer picture earns them a bonus!

Right into the heart of ban-line darkness... I'm really tempted to give this whole island a big fat :-( for its impassibility. Perhaps I just fly back to the road from there. Of course with a detour into the north which looks quite promising for aviation.

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