22 March 2014

Because You Can't Do Enough Airship-Tours

And this time it wasn't over good ol' Blake Sea, but the - also pretty large - Fruit Islands sim group (they claim its 100 sims, but I think the actual number is a bit lower).

Taking off exploring the Fruit Islands!

My friend Oiolossee took the helm this time. And a fine job she did! Ok, first we got stuck on a full sim (not her fault!, but after that the journey went very chilled and without any further disturbances.

Skipper Oio and her passengers.

The skysetting I used (TOR SCIFI - Phlogiston) is intentionally not a realistic one. I picked it for its beauty and strong light effects.

Your favorite Drow Scientist - wait... your favorite Drow in general!

And her Sunshine :-)

This picture actualy show you some of the Landscape! Not that you could see much of it anyway :p

My Fairy-Pet Boudicca of course did accompany us.

Talking with Goat about - Wrestling Action figures from the 80s! Seriously!

Our skipper wearing the most fun backprint I've seen in SL.

These are the voyages...

Want to take a trip over Fruit Islands too? Take a ride!

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