14 March 2014

On A Cup Of Cappuchino In Venice

Having a lazy afternoon in SL I went to the digital recreation of Venice. It is a lovely whimsical place and really caught the spirit of its real-world counterpart. I just had to show it to Veronica too :-)

We both are admirers of this city - she however knows much more about it than I do. So we had a nice cup of cappuchino at the Rialto Bridge and I had the opportunity to hear some more gritty stories about the historical Venice - far away from the mental tracks the usual tourist wanders on.

No, I won't call this picture "having some cappuchino" ;-)

The Rialto Bridge overlooked by the St. Mark's Campanile.

A friendly Gondoliere took this photo for us!

Every picture gets nicer with fairys on it.

The Canale Grande with Gondolas on it's shores.

If - after these pictures - you don't feel like going there and exploring the place by yourself, there is definitely something wrong with you ;-) Here is your gondola.

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