2 March 2014

The Daedalus Is Taking Off!

Yay! After extensive test-flights, tweakings, fixing of minor bugs and finishing some scripting work, the Daedalus Airships are finally at a stage where I can happily let them go :-)

The Daedalus-Airship

I also started creating a background-universe where all my steampunk-creations will have their place in. Style-wise they all wear my signature anyway, so it is just fair to have them all gathered in a coherent world. And who knows - perhaps some narratives will see the light of the day too in the future.

Here is a kind of start - the background of the Daedalus:

The Daedalus-Class Airships are made by the legendary constructors of Saturia, the city of thousand floating islands, famous for their elegant and sophisticated designs. Staying in this tradition, it features the sleek lines and luxury furnishing of their famous air-gondolas, which are as stately taxis between the city islands.The Deadalus offers a high level of comfort with excellent panoramic view, ample engine power and manoeuverability, making it popular vehicle for regattas, joyrides and air-kraken safaris.

Docking at an airship-port.

The appearance of the ship saw quite intense tweaking over the duration of its creation. I didn't wantedto release something half-baked. Now I can lean back for five minutes until I take next big project: refitting the Prometheus! More about this somewhen In the not-too-far future ;-)

For now I want to say thank you very much for all the people helping me with their constructive criticims, helpful ideas, testing and scripting. They are (in alphabetic order: Cyhtleen, Katinkakatze, Moondog Merlin, Oiolosee, Taffy Solo, Velocity Venom/Veronica Vinyl, Prof. Zen Wickentower and a special thank you to my dear partner Emma Sunshine!

The Daedalus Airship in full illumination.

You can grab the Daedalus at the Drow Science Marketplace Store and Inworld at various locations like my Mainstore at Lionheart Nala (where I put a down-sized model on display), at Poppyport Airport, Unzipped or at on board of the Prometheus at Mieville Twain!

This is what I'm doing when I don't steer the ship ;-)

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