20 March 2014

A Quick Project Update: Prometheus-Class Refit

I am currently deep in the redesign of the general appearance of our favourite flying aircraft carrier. It will certainly be a elegant vessel. With a more streamlined shape and some clever improvements in the room layout, resulting in a significantly increased usable space.
But no worries: Its overall look will not step away from the original Prometheus-Class. I simply can do now all the things I had in my mind for it all the time. So it will be a better ship than ever before!

Preview-time! The current status of my remodelling-project. Human Avs for scale of course.

It is not simply a mesh-version of the old one. The new ship is built completely from scratch, and in the following days and weeks I will be evaluating and improving and redesigning (if neccessary) every aspect of it to achieve the best possible result.

Again I won't and can't announce a release-date. But the project is progressing nicely and I'm looking forward to see it taking the skies :-)

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