29 May 2013

Mad Hatter Drow!

I think most people who know me find it pretty suiting (if not inevitable) that I am eventually making hats now ;-)

When looking at these pictures of me wearing my top hats I get the feeling I look indeed quite like a mad scientist or some other kind of steampunk villain...

Steampunk Top Hat

Well, at least I seem to be a punctual one:

Steampunk Clockwork Top Hat

And Emma looks even more British than usual - perhaps I make her a tea-set-hat next...

Steampunk Bowler Hat - (not only) perfect for cute assistants!

The clockwork hat looks just supercute on her, doesn't it?

Steampunk Clockwork Bowler Hat

You can find all of these hats (and soon more!) in my store.

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