13 November 2013

Holy Pixel!

There are just a few days left till the 6th Machinima-Expo starts - November 17, to be precise - and I am happy to inform you that Veronica Vinyl is taking part there with her short film "The Nail"!

Title picture The Nail

The Expo - in its former incarnations located in SL - will be held from 10 am to 4 PM pacific time (handy to know that this is the SL-time too) live on stream. For a schedule, follow this link.

Veronica's film - completely shot in SL of course (with notable addition of some cool-drawn artwork) - features an old legend where a Gypsy steals one of the nails made to crucify Jesus Christ from the Romans and gains eternal (first-) life. Being a short film its just a glance on an epic story spanning over 2000 years from its beginnings in ancient Jerusalem to the horrors of nazi concentration camps.
You can watch the film as part of the Screening Reel 7 (2nd film!).

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