30 May 2014

Drow Science @ The Science Fiction Convention!

Attending events in SL is always something I enjoy. The Science Fiction Alliance's SL Convention is no exception. Indeed it is a real honour for me to be invited there!

I admit I didn't had much of a plan other than rezzing my flying and non-flying things, but as usual I could rely on my talent to mcgyver a nice exhibition pavillion together. And actually I like it that much that I consider using it for my mainstore too!

A nifty little gadget is the Airscrew-Taxi Emma did develop. It is transporting visitors up to the outdoor part of my exhibition where the Daedalus waits as comfortable floating lounge, where you can - lounge while floating, yeah!

Oh and I am also participating at the Mini Viper hunt. Yes the Viper from Battlestar Galactica!
The hint is "Shine a light on me!". Shouldn't be too hard if you look around a little!
Here you can find a complete list with hunt-hints (sounds funny, doesn't it?).

Drow Science Exhibit

Science Fiction Alliance Blog

15 May 2014

Nance Brody Live - Saturday 17 At Shoregate!

Nance Brody is one of the most distinctive and charming voices of SL. Together with her romantic yet seductive songs she makes her concerts an experience you want to have again and again :-)

Coming Saturday, 3 PM (midnight CET) she will play at the Disaster Area Bar & Grill at Shoregate - something you definitely shouldn't miss!

The Disaster Area Bar is outside of the town of Shoregate, which is a little zombie-infested (just a little really!). To provide you a safe journey - or say to at least get you to the show alive - we will organize a taxi service from the TP point to the concert!

Here the facts in short:

Who? Nance Brody (click for a preview)
When? Saturday 17, 3 PM SLT
Where? Disaster Area Bar and Grill, Shoregate