30 May 2014

Drow Science @ The Science Fiction Convention!

Attending events in SL is always something I enjoy. The Science Fiction Alliance's SL Convention is no exception. Indeed it is a real honour for me to be invited there!

I admit I didn't had much of a plan other than rezzing my flying and non-flying things, but as usual I could rely on my talent to mcgyver a nice exhibition pavillion together. And actually I like it that much that I consider using it for my mainstore too!

A nifty little gadget is the Airscrew-Taxi Emma did develop. It is transporting visitors up to the outdoor part of my exhibition where the Daedalus waits as comfortable floating lounge, where you can - lounge while floating, yeah!

Oh and I am also participating at the Mini Viper hunt. Yes the Viper from Battlestar Galactica!
The hint is "Shine a light on me!". Shouldn't be too hard if you look around a little!
Here you can find a complete list with hunt-hints (sounds funny, doesn't it?).

Drow Science Exhibit

Science Fiction Alliance Blog

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