31 May 2013

Rock it, Steam it - Yay!!!

Seems I have a run! After goggles and (mad) hats I found a guitar would be a good idea too.
And here it is!

The Drow Science Steampunk Guitar

It features a working clock (using the script from my steampunk clocks), animated gears and lots of whimsical details!

Additionally it has also two playing animations and the option to add your own by simply using drag & drop them into the guitar!

You can choose between two versions: the playable version (with animations) and a version you can wear on your back for stylish traveling from gig to gig (without animations).

I'm really proud of it. All the shiny brass parts where the light reflects so nicely! It was a pure joy to make and the design just happened (and it happened the right way, never a bad thing!).

The design loosely resembles the Gibson classics like Les Paul and the ES-series, but has definitely its own personality (not only because of the clock!).

Check it out on the MP!

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