22 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 20

Sometimes you ride mile after mile without spotting nothing really interesting. On other occasions though you can hardly do a step without stumbling over a photo opportunity. After reaching the end of the road at Beatrice I decided to look a bit arround and search my path further alon the west-coast of Nautilus. I didn't came far - but I had plenty of nice photo opportunities!

Beatrice - a nice view out to the sea...

...and a not that nice view inland.

This place tries to make everone happy: zombies, tentacles, cells, traps...

...and of course gallows too. None of them actually wakes my sympathy. Its all a bit too exaggerated and lacking good taste. Needless to mention I'm pretty disgusted by executions.

Desdemona - this stylish shop deserves a picture!

Publius - sort of invading a "romantic beach & tropical ballroom" called That's Amore. No injured though.

Follow the light!

It leads you to a... treehouse?

A boy's playground - definitely!

Rebeck - another medieval castle. Equipped with the Second Life-counterpart of a drawbridge: a banline.

Now thats pretty.

I think this was my shortest stage so far. Pretty entertaining though. As you can see I followed the road a little before finding a decent off-road passage to explore the coastline of Western Nautilus. There are also plenty of small islands out at sea too which are surely worth a look!

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