4 May 2011

More than just Gaming - G.O.B. Board Gaming Studio

Some days ago a good friend of mine - Astroboy Bigboots - invited me to see his new place: Game on Board (G.O.B.). A nice board gaming hangout.
The stylish and cozy lounge represents well the vision he has. G.O.B. is a place to socialize and to have fun in a decent and enjoyable atmosphere. Or as he says in how own words
"Can games, philosophy and arts combine and enrich each other?" - Well, I definitely think so!

Enjoying the friendly and relaxed ambiance.

Space Invaders! Time for me to save planet Earth again...

Astroboy - founder of G.O.B. and pleasant host.

G.O.B. offers the 2-player classics Khet, Esselone (known as Abalone in the offline-world), and Go as well as a growing range of solitaire games. For Astroboy games offer much more than competition and playing just for winning. In the end it doesn't really matters who wins a game at all if you have fun!

Because of this G.O.B. is not only focused at the die-hard players. Visitors also find there a great place for teaching and learning games, for meeting new people, having good conversations and for listening to a tasteful selected music-stream.

At the Khet-table
One of the most interesting games there is Khet. It is similar to Chess. The big difference is that you direct a laser beam with your tokens with the goal to kill the king of your contender. This allows quite complex maneuvers - and gives pretty cool looking results:

Khet in action!

Me and Mr. Dwarf. This cute fellow is inspired by the Swedish artist John Bauer btw.

Meeting Gmok the wise. A stoic it seems.

Caught in a musing moment...

They grow some strange space plants here.

Hmmm - I think it just waved at me...
The design of the place as well as the plants and the furniture are creations of our friend Albert Beerbaum, owner of Herbalys - pretty cute stuff, isn't it?

There are also occasional events planned at the lower deck:

Yay! A DJ-booth!

And a dancefloor! How do we spell the place again?

G.O.B in its full glory. In its modular appearance it shares similarities with its space-themed predecessor Zapped!

To make a long story short: G.O.B. is a charming lounge (not only for board-games) with an enchanting design and a friendly community. Check it out!

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