17 March 2011

Me and My Airplanes II

After my liaison with the past it became time to move ahead - way ahead.
A good friend of mine, Astroboy Bigboots, did inspire me with his space station Zapped! - a great piece of conceptional sci-fi-art.

Discussing the exploration of strange new worlds with Astroboy at Zapped!

The futuristic yet organic design of his place finally inspired me to...

...this little ship here!

The idea behind it was creating a synthesis between a sports car and a "classical" starship. The Starchild was born!

Unique shape an clear lines... it looks a bit like the Batwing, doesn't it?

A nice side effect of its design was that I was able to add details on it like this cute little hologram of a solar system.

After the Starchild - a more civilian space-grand-tourismo - I felt the need for something more... aggressive. It didnt take long till the one-seater starfighter Flying Blade left its secret shipyards:

I wouldn't be a Drow if I haven't made a fighter.

I guess I don't need to explain where it got its name ;-)

To create a futuristic, "way-ahead-of-current-technology"-appearance i decided to use no textures at all for their hull but instead adding a high level of shinyness to the ships. This lets them work amazingly well with different lightning and sky settings and gives them a nicely seamless appearance.

To be continued...

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