21 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! Intermezzo

Before I get totally lost with orientation I decided to reconstruct my journey. Luckily I did write the Names of the sims down and was able to remember important landmarks on the map again. So the map became pretty accurate (especially when following roads^^). Oh and I did learn how to draw free-hand lines in photoshop!

First stage of my Journey: Straight across Bay City. Not too difficult to reconstruct.

Second Stage. From Bay City to "Dead End" Dore and then across the wild countryside till I found a substitute for the road again: The Great Second Life Railway.

Which ended far too soon at Perlwinkle station. Luckily the road continued at Hikuelo right across the sea! One of the most pleasant stages to ride followed. Nice serpentines.

However the road did lead back to its start. To continue my journey without bore myself with riding through the same places again I took a short trip with Drow-Air, landing on Kane to continue my venture on the ground.

Besides the friendly natives I've met at Kane this stage wasnt too spectacular so far. But at least one nice photo opportunity did occur:

Milu - the post and the pineapple. I had never expected this from Spongebob.

To be continued... 

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