18 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded!

Some days ago while randomly pointing and teleporting the map I had an interesting chat with Icarus Fallen, literally an oldschool-Second-Life explorer. He travels through the sims of the mainland by foot. Without any teleporting, flying, or using vehicles! Quite an impressive venture which inspired me to do another biketour.

After a short delay (I will perhaps get into more details in a later post) I started my 2nd Second Life bike tour today. This time from the metaverse metropolis of Bay City.

Sadly my bike ran into a banned parcel shortly after start. So I needed to find the next rezz zone. On my quest I had the luck to meet a guy names Harleywan Haggwood who was making a april fool for... ah right! april fools day^^ he told me that at the docks should be one.

From left to right: Me, april fool, Harley

Eventually i found the next rezz place. Just big enough to almost throw my bike on my feet though. LL should really add more of them on the roadside!

Just me and the highway - now flatout into adventure!

Bay City - heart of Second Life's flourishing prim industry.

Bay City Sanitation Department - /me reads the sign and thinks: "yeah I bet!" 

I hate security orbs - *puts a handful of firecracker into the mailbox...*

I had no idea how prophetic that picture was!

Bay City's representative municipal land. A place just like made for demonstrating for more rezz zones...

Miramare - some wise Drow once wrote about the drive of humans to build towers as phallic symbols...

Too bad some prohecies become true far too soon - as happened in Dore: 

What the hell??? LL must be kidding!

No, they weren't. So I had to go offroad. Of course I forgot to shift into 2nd gear after starting - and of course the whole place was no script! Quite the painfully slow crawl...

After I skillfully sunk my bike into the lake you can see on the left side of the picture above while trying to get past it, I had to travel the boring way again. The whole region is no-script and no-rezz! How stupid is that? These Killjoys!

Flying my way through "Killjoy-Land", Clara.

At least one place there did compensate me for the inconvenience. A steampunkish shop at Ridgeview: 

Varney - They sell instant stellar objects here - or something like that...

The head always in the stars...

To be continued... 

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