29 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! XII

Chamonix City seems to be Second Life's biggest winter sports place. It covers five Sims but was quite empty as I visited it. Perhaps at the tournaments this place is packed.

Blending into a crowd of locals - can you find me?

Bah - only sports on TV!

Cross Check - an ice-hockey stadium. Interestingly the actual play-area is located behind a Simborder. It seems to be a measure to avoid lag.

Making some donuts.

Enjoying the view at the still and cozy Chamonix City.

Drow style skating!

Now thats a place for me.

Cute - a family!

Jiminy . interesting mixture between a rather common house and a nuclear submarine.

Eldora - ok, he looks a bit mean but somehow hes cute too!

Eldora - traces of an ancient civilization. And some not-so-ancient traces of cage spamming.

Eldora - eyes watching me. Or are they just my - or somebody else - imagination???

Europa - seems there was quite a snowslide here.

Europa - yeah! Thats what Drow like: a way underground!

The view from the opposite direction.

Europa - I don't think its meant as seaplane...

Montara - you may have already guessed there no safety regulations for road construction in Second Life.

A stylish diner at Bolinas.

You should try it - milkshake with mustard.

Discussing the meaning of a piece of art. Oh btw: it has a windmill on top - I just didn't got it on the picture!

Abbotts Aerodrome - quite the stylish runway.

Todays tour: it seems I have explored most of Sansara's roads. I am pretty amazed how long my journey was so far. I really didn't expected it as beeing so much! I can really recommend to explore Second Life's roads. You will see things this way you wont have seen by teleporting around. And I'm sure there still many undiscovered, yet fascinating spots left!

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