23 March 2011

New Toy: The Second Life Continent-Detector!

SInce I found out the continent where I am doing my bike tour has the name Sansara I wondered how other continents are called and where the hell they actually were located. This was always a book with seven seals for me. Well, actually I didn't cared too much about it until I got more into (more or less organized) exploring in the recent time.

It did not took too long until I found an interesting script on the Second Life Wiki: A continent detector which reliably tells you on which continent you are. Or how the SL-Wiki writes:

"The Second Life grid, especially the mainland parts, is organized into interesting and aesthetically-pleasing continents, with a variety of landforms and connectivities and geographies. The continents have their own histories, their own interesting places. But because so many people just teleport everywhere (kids these days, I tell ya), all too many people aren't aware of which continent they're on, or where they are relative to the continents, much of the time. This script is a simple example of how one might determine this, and thereby become more Geographically Aware, and therefore more fun at parties."

Of course the script itself isn't too neat looking. So I put it into a nice futuristic scanning-device I once made and quickly made two more variants to make the continent detector fitting to various styles - and even an invisible one!

Anyway, it works pretty simple: Just wear it and it tells you instantly after entering a sim to which continent it belongs. Oh, and you can get it here - of course for free!

Now some posing with my newest toys: 

The "space"-variant of the continent detector comes with belt and several wearing-options

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