27 March 2011

Second Life Tour - Reloaded! IX

To my suprise the road in Benham did end quite abruptly. Luckily it lead along some railroads leading a few Sims further into the south until I had to go offroad and did met my old friends the banlines again.

Benham - seems its gonna be rails again. At least a smooth change...

Arrival at Okemo Canyon Station - quite nice looking and they have "The Cat with the Hat"-T-shirts for free here!

After the railroad ended at Smithers Bluff I went offroad again heading east where I expected to find another road. On my way there I lost my bike, found a rezz zone, hit banlines and lost it again, found another rezz zone and hit another banline... etc...
But at least I had some nice photo opportunities:

Rosecliff Canyon, Berthould - nice urban decay style. The human who owns this parcel however has enabled damage here. Perhaps a bit afraid of invading Drow? (edit: grrrrr - I took that picture just as I closed my eyes - don't think such things only happen in real life!)

Caberfae - Lessons in: "How to make the best out of a small parcel."

Interesting: A collection of rare - moustaches???

Great - so many buttons to push!!

Hmmm... I think it smiles at me...

Lippert - the road again! And pretty hidden in the wilderness...

Braunworth Infohub marks the border between the snowy parts of Sansara and the east - and its damn foggy too!

Rutz - its always a miracle how the builders of Linden Labs blend the Roads so seamlessly into the landscape. Since this - well... oddity - leads over a Sim-crossing you can be sure of some funny happenings until you reach the end.

Alcona - a pure X-mas nightmare!

Black - what does an ambitious Air Pirate need more?

Bear - a look into infinity - or less poetic said: into a crashed Sim.

After the cozy snowy mountains the route became a bit less spectacular. Tons of stores but an alarming lack of freakiness. I'm sure this will change soon - its hard to imagine Second Life without freakiness at all!

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