22 March 2011

Me and My Home

I never liked premade homes. Don't get me wrong: many are really nice and stylish homes. Well designed by experienced builders. But... they are not self-made. And since they are often already completely furnished too they lack something only yourself can add to a home: personality.

After experimenting with rather conventional house-designs on the ground, a drastic change in my neighborhood (I don't want to get too much into details. I better just let a picture tell the story) I had to change my living situation there...

I better don't tell you the original caption of this picture... let's say the view wasn't the same as before anymore.

The answer was simple. Gaining Height! At first I had the idea of creating a high tower with my house on top of it - as penthouse:

Quite intimidating, huh? The art-deco-appearance of the tower couldn't really hide the intimidating massiveness of the building. I wasnt too happy with how my idea turned out...

The Penthouse - simply the same ol' house than before - just some 100 meters higher...

I never liked it this way. The tower was simply bulky and ugly and didn't fit into the look of the sim at all. So after a short tower-intermezzo I started something completely new:

Drumroll please: It's an airship! Not too surprising if you know me since it combines my two favorites: Steampunk and Aviation!

Steering my home through the skies of Heterocera. In the background you can see some elementary components of my ship: the antigravitaiton-unit, a discovery I made when repairing a coffee-machine with parts of a guitar amp, and a psychedelic carpet (non-flyable).

Not far from my airship is the tower of my friend Estrella - a definite improvement to the neighborhood!

Writing a new entry in my blog with some inspiration from Doctor Steel.

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