23 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! V

Today saw quite the interesting and pleasurable chat at the Benten Sandbox - not far away from that goofy spooky manor I wrote about yesterday. Anyway. Teddy and Matty are regulars there and - which I noticed with pleasure - like steampunk too. I got a supply of pretty nice steampunk-gadgets (and of course I instantly put them on). In exchange each got a steampunk airplane from me - fair deal! :-)

Teddy, Matty and Some with her new steampunk-stuff. I felt pretty wind up after that talk.

Raiden - of course he gets neither of them. You have no idea how much work it was to get them on the picture!

Yamato - deeper into the south. What a great tropical feeling here!

Clarksburg - wtf - German Feuerwehr! Ja wo brennts denn?

Now thats a rare and very welcome sign! I better take a photo or no-one will believe me.

A fair - how nice! Now where is the start-button?

No start-button... and they don't even have popcorn there: d'oh!

It may be a cliché - but its so true!


Whiskey (on the rocks?) - so much for the tropical feeling *brrrrr*

Larsen - This must be some super-villains secret fortress. Of course its totally empty inside. Lets call it the Big-Building-Syndrome...

Belmondo - If the Czar lived here? Or Putin??

Isabel - I don't know how LL calls it but I call it the Bridge of Lag. Crossing it was a real pain. I think I was in 4 sims simultaneously in some moments... at least there is a decent rezz spot on the other side. Ironically a bike shop!

Isabel - that was close!  Suddenly the bridge - well, the whole sim - broke down! A suiting end for the Bridge of Lag.

Quite the journey today - I'm a bit impressed by myself... I just wonder if I shouldn't have taken the path to the north at the Ross-Info Hub (the one in the middle) - I guess I will find out.

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