22 March 2011

Me and My Airplanes III

After a while vintage planes became again more interesting to me. A nice and simple little plane for barnstorming came into my mind - the result was the hornet - a vintage plane in the 1930s style.

Fly on the wild side - regular readers of my blog will recognize it from my stay at Perlwinkle station

It didn't stayed with the black one. Again I used no textures for their fuselages. Only a high level of shininess. It works really well with them!

A rather daring paint job - but great for air-shows. The particle effects are optional btw. Together with 6 different paint jobs it makes 12 different planes.

When I have finished the hornet I began to work on an Albatros-Fighter from World War One for having a playmate for my triplane.

Proud little bird - the Albatros was one of the most produced German fighters.

They say the goggles are the mirror of the soul or something like that... the flying Ace gets ready for takeoff!

Nice and shiny - I simply love its streamlined shape!

After making two German planes the need for a british plane became more and more urgent. Or as my friend Manx says: "Why don't you build a spitfire?" Well, it wasnt exactly a spitfire but its ancestor from World War One...

The fastest plane of the war and a "pixie" to fly - the S.E.5a.

Time to ride the "pixie". The allies loved this rugged yet agile plane. You could dive out of any trouble with it.

My latest plane combines my fascination for vintage planes with my love to steampunk - who said steam engines can't fly?

A mixture of Wright Flyer and the British D.H.2. Not the most usual design choice but it looks pretty cool.

I have no idea where the rumors came I'm a mad scientist - honestly!

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