29 March 2012

Flying Drows And Wingwalking Ponies

Since the weather is getting nicer every day (or is it just my skysetting?), it is time to wipe the dust from my aeroplanes and fuel them up for some flying at Blake Sea - it has been a while!

And because shared fun is doubled fun I took Emma and Veronica with me. The latter one got an exclusive seat on the wing of my Vintage Biplane, of course with enforced Mouselook and securely strapped on.

Ready for take-off! Drow Pilot, Human copilot, and Pony wing-walker sitter.

What really surprised me was the excellent performance of the regions. Despite flying with 2 passengers the plane never got lost while sim-crossing. To the contrary: It was, unlike maybe 6 months ago, always a pretty smooth experience. Well done, Linden Lab!

What a pleasantly lag-free journey. Only Veronica crashed when trying her VR-Glasses during flight.
Always fun: doing landings on impossible small spots like...



...or boat hangars.

Can you spot the plane?

Back on the ground watching other pilots following the aeronautical regulations.

Thanks to the server updates LL has made flying in SL is now more fun than ever. I never had so little lag! 

But I have more good news: I have released a new airplane. The legendary Boeing-Stearman PT 17 - one of the most popular aircraft of its time with over 8,500 units produced!
Introduced in 1934 the Stearman was widely used as trainer and for air-acrobatics. A beautiful classic design and a joy to fly!

Check it out at my Store! Buy the miniature for displaying it at home, or the full-sized flyable version (bonus Miniature included!).

To make the flying experience perfect, here are the airports with best connections to the Blake-Sea-Regions:

Blue Skies!

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