2 April 2012

The Talking Bane!

Visitors of the Adult BDSM Hub could encounter something special in the recent days: S-1195 - the first talking bane!

Well S-1195 was of course me. After kindly requesting a lockup from Miss Vic I found myself leashed and TP blocked there. With restricted IMs and unable to see names. The first two days I spent forced to be on all four and in Mouselook.

It was an exciting experience to be back in banishment and restraints. A nice breeze of fresh air from the daily routine!

Of course my faithful sub Emma stayed there with me all the time - nicely locked up and leashed too.

The Bane and her sub.

A lovely view: Of course Emma stayed in Mouselook most of the time.

In the four days I stayed at the Hub I had plenty of opportunity to chat with the people there. It is an excellent location with lots of information to learn more about our Lifestyle.

The sign tells no lies. The staff is very friendly and always happy to help new Residents interested in BDSM.

These posts aren't for leashing: They contain Notecards and Landmarks to various BDSM-related topics.

A Light, open and friendly architecture: Who says BDSM has to be dark and gloomy?

However due to the RLV vision restriction my Bane helmet does I wasn't able to enjoy the blue sky, so my sub Emma had to take the pictures for me. Except the one below, which shows how I did experience the world around me:

Banes don't need blue sky. Our vision is tinted in a foggy sepia-tone. Always reminding you of your status. Another pretty thrilling detail!

And no, the dog bowl isn't Emma's. The Hub is not only sub- and bane-friendly but also nice towards Kitties, Ponies and of course dogs:

Can you resist this look? Pup looking for a prospective owner.

No matter if you are new to BDSM and D/s or in the scene for years, you will surely find opportunities for good conversations and lots of information. Check it out!

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