12 April 2012

Quiet And Useful Subs Wanted? Try The Subshine Gag-Light!

I am proud to announce that Emma has released her first product. And of course its something kinky:

The Gag Light combines kinky bondage with the desire for being a useful sub in a very elegant (and pretty cute) way.

Lovely model, lovely gag (sub not included).

I can't deny having fun when I took this picture. Now everyone can see what a bright sub I have.
The Subshine Gaglight adds a refreshingly different approach to the usual cuffs- and collar-stuff, while being a fully functionable RLV-gag operated via menu. Contrary to other brands the gag uses chat-redirection, so you don't need to type to a certain channel. Just chat as you usually would and your words get automatically garbeled!

Check it out at the Second Life Marketplace!

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