28 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 31

Today meant "fighting" my way through wilderness till finally getting back on the road. Its always a little test of nerves avoiding banned parcels, but the joy of finally spotting some tarmac road is much greater then ;-)

Chilispoon - time to switch to my bike again.


Quite the tiki-stuff here.

Gardulla - Seems to be a road. Now... which way?
I decided to go north for returning from the south later on (the road leads in a big circle through the eastern part of Corsica). Again Second Life showed itself from a pretty friendly and colorful side along the road.

Celchu - Now thats a rare sign.

Cloudrider - somehow these traffic-signs are sort of ruining any easy-rider-feeling.

Symmetry - I am not sure what it is but it seems to contain a store - with some freebies btw.

Rosewood - I better don't tell him we have already June...
These peculiar cut hedges seem to be standard for this part of the continent. You can find them all along the road and they add (besides the traffic sign) a rather suburban feeling to it.

Immintel - chatting with a friendly Resident (who was pretty surprised to see someone using the road at all) at the local hippie store.

Everything to get hippie - and beyond...

Corfeld - why do I suddenly feel compelled to turn right?
The sign may already give a little hint that there's something colorful waiting for the interested traveller. I had no idea though how colorful... in the next days though I will feature the place I found extensively - I promise :-)

Oh, and due to an issue with the world map (as seen below) I had to use one from Second Life Department of Public Service. Not a bad substitute and the site shows all existing official roads on the grid:

A Firestorm Bug? The sims in the western part of the map just didn't wanted to appear on the map.

Since the roads are already displayed on this one I decided to mark my route with dots again. I will follow the big circle it describes and will later go on exploring the Memorial Zone and the Continent of Gaeta.

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