29 June 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 32 - A Toyland Special!!!

I had no idea what would await me behind that sign last time but I soon found out I would get enough great pictures for making the place worth an own post: Some goes to Toyland! :-)

Thumper - Toyland: I shouldn't have eaten the hippie-store-cookies...

This is for sure one of the sweetest places in Second Life!

Have I already mentioned I'm the SL-Queen of Hearts?

Of course I couldnt resist.

Not long after this one of the owners did invite me and another visitor to try out their newest installation. A robot fight!

Robot fight!

If you see Drows dancing on your birthday cake its probably too late to worry about your sanity anymore.

Is it a store?

Or a giant jack-in-the-box? Or both?

One thing is for sure though - the place is a lovely and colorful little dreamland!

I just have to try this one!

On the wheel of life.

Look long enough at it - and it speaks to you...

He is almost as cute as my triplane!

Somehow this wakes the Drow-princess in me.

But alas, even in Toyland there is trouble waiting around every corner:

Hey, did you just laught at me, you clown?

Got him!
To make a long story short: Toyland is perhaps one of the most funniest places in Second Life. Its teeming with cute and funny ideas and countless spots where you just say "wow!". If you like to live out the child in you, Toyland is just the right place.

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