3 July 2011

Some rides the Firestorm - Appendix!

In the recent time I see more and more user with the new Firestorm viewer. It really seems to become the new third-party-standard this summer.
But I wont be the (sometimes pretty sceptical) Drow I am if I won't have tested it by myself.
Since its getting two weeks soon since I posted my first impressions, it seems its time for a little update.

The good news first: The number of crashes is still on a very nice low level. Its really a well worked-out and stable little Viewer!

I also feel now very comfortable with the new features, the look of buttons, their position, etc. Speaking from my frontend-user-perspective I actually welcome more and more the modernization Viewer2 brought into SL.

Of course I didn't only found nice things. I noticed some bugs and minor flaws which want to get ironed out. Nothing serious though, but perhaps a little annoying ;-)

  • As photographer and dedicated user of the sky-editor its of course a bit bothering that the environment-settings does return to the default-settings after relogging.

  • When you want to save a snaphot to disk (which I regulary do) but cancel the saving (which I usually barely do) you may crash. Ok, you may also crash using Phoenix - it just seems to be a pretty unstable feature.
  • Coloring of tags doesn't seems to work properly. I was surprised to learn my name tag is a "nicely reddish color" despite choosing white ;-) But ok, this may just be a feature I haven't completely understood yet...

  • Some sims wont appear on the main map. Thats a bug I already mentioned earlier while blogging about my bike tour. Perhaps it has something to do with the server-versions? I'm really guessing in that respect.

  • Screen may freeze after teleport. Now thats really something annoying since Firestorm seems to be close to crashing when this happens. Perhaps its just a texture-loading issue, its nevertheless awkward.

  • And last but not least: For some strange reason I regulary receive the "Your clothes are still downloading"-message. Thankfully they appear just moments after clicking away the message.

In summary my positive impression from last time hasn't changed. Firestorm works very nice for me and I see no reason to do the step back towards Phoenix again. The viewer works pretty smoothly and they few bugs are nothing I do worry about too much. I can really recommend giving Firestorm a try - even in its current Beta-status!

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