16 July 2011

New Toy - Steampunk Airplane Mk2!

Do you know this feeling when you wake up and suddenly have a great idea? Perhaps something thats been in your subconscious mind for a while finally gets a breakthrough? Well, today I had such feeling and went straight into my mad-scientists-workshop! When I came out of it later I had a satisfied smile on my face: not only that my idea did worked - the result looks pretty cool actually!

Its not a complete new plane but a major overhaul of my first Steampunk Airplane. I was never really happy with its bulky cockpit nacelle (a pretty cool aviation term I did look up btw^^) and the way the texture-struts did look. So I felt its time for a more streamlined and elegant "Steamplane".

I am really delighted how well the new design works. It looks much more lightweight and nimble than its predecessor - in fact I think its a pretty sexy plane even!

Some posing at the Prague Airport

Prepearing for the first official flight - lets hope the weather (lag) is good today!

In fact the flight was pretty fine even!

Making a save landing at the Hollywood Airport - where else is it possible to get there in a non-stop flight from Prague in a few mins?

Its just a lovely little plane, isn't it? Of course its available for purchase in my store - as always for a very favorable price! :-)

Blue skies!

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