12 July 2011

When a Drow Meets a Troll

As you may imagine an encounter like this isn't without some tension first. Well, actually a fight for life or death is pretty likely. But meeting the Troll Hymir at The Nordlands went much different.

A fishing Troll is indeed quite a strange view. But it seems to be a kind of complementary training to smashing heads with an axe.

Ok - first he was a bit grumpy since I have stolen some fishes from his bucket but agreeing on the stupidity of mankind seemed to break the ice eventually. Never underestimate the charm of a Drow ;-)

It was a pleasant talk where we shared some cook-recipes for... well - better don't ask... And talked about measures for keeping humans away from our dwellings. In the northern lands they seem to be quite a plaque:

Some: I found out a human head on a spike works fine
Hymir: tried et
Hymir: head whole bodies
Hymir: semms ta encourage da igits
Some: lol 
The Nodlands is a beautiful Viking-RP sim located somewhere in the northern seas. Being a creature of Norse/German origin I of course love the wild and rough landscape where the old gods and myths are still strong. A very refreshing contrast to cheesy fantasy-sims!

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