21 July 2011

Da Vinci Drow!

I think everyone who knows the name Leonardo da Vinci and who don't mix up the term "Renaissance" with a french automobile-brand is familiar with his drawings of (at least back then)  futuristic machines like tanks, submarines, airplanes or... helicopters!

The drawing which started everything. Btw. da Vinci's notebook is almost as famous as a certain Drow diary!

Quite a striking design, isn't it? And since my Steampunk airplane you can see in the post below was so smoothly to build I instantly went on with my next project - I think you know already what it is ;-)

If you havent guessed it yet (even when looking at the picture: Its a Steampunk helicopter!

Of course I had to add a steam-engine. After all I'm pretty lazy, so the pedal drive didn't really convince me. So its da Vinci goes Steampunk, or Steampunk goes da Vinci - whatever you prefer^^
Luckily recreating the distinctive air-screw was pretty easy using a spheric prim and adding a bit revolutions and other tweaks to it. Getting the flying script right was much harder work but now at least I know a bit more about vehicle scripting and what the different values do.

The helicopter has a nicely animated crankshaft with cogwheels (not speaking of the air-screw itself which just looks stunning when rotating), sound and a smoke script to underline the word steam in "Steampunk"!

"Screwed-up" at Cafe Lounge!

You can also call it a flying da Vinci hand blender.

Some detail-views:

Nice and shiny - and of course rotating.

Also nice but not included: Cute Drow-pilot.

After some evaluation-flights and final tweaks on the flight-script this little gem will of course show up at my store at the SL Marketplace.

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