11 July 2011

Some Visits the Forgotten City

On my bold travelings where no Drow has been before I discovered the enigmatic Forgotten City. I think at least since I did write about Pteron its pretty obvious that I like mysterious places where your imagination can run loose a bit.
Forgotten City is the perfect place for that. I literally spent hours with discovering and taking loads of photos - Its just a wonderful, enchanting, amazing, beautiful place. Want have a tour through it? I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Forgotten City in its full glory - a picturesque treasure chest of creativity.
When visiting the city the first time you will notice a unique architecture combining classicism with strong steampunk influences resulting in a very urban feeling. Its just a pleasure to stroll trough its alleys and enjoy the many details which make the city literally breathe.

A swing! Time to behave immature!

I don't know if it was a glitch with the physics-engine or sheer Drow audacity but somehow something went wrong with it...

Wasn't me!
Anyway: No-one knows what happened to the creators of the city: where they went, who they were - its all a mystery. All they have left in the city are their statues standing everywhere like frozen ghosts from the past.

They look a bit spooky don't they?

Well, at least its not porn.

But by sheer coincidence I came behind one of their secrets. Since then I have no doubt that the swing will be repaired very soon:

There is actually some life in them! Or at least some kind of mechanism making them keeping the city neat and tidy - and not wasting energy.
After unveiling this secret I found they (whoever "they" are) are offering airship-tours there! Of course I had to take one:

The Airship-harbor of Forgotten City. The steampunk elements add a nice art-deco touch here and there.

My little zeppelin-taxi making its way trough the street canyons.
Isn't it a lovely little city? I better let the pictures speak for themselves:

Eventually I even found some kind of lounge/information center. Well, actually they don't offer much information about the city itself but some very stylish stuff again!

Outside the city lies a small island which is home to a cute lighthouse and a windmill.

There is also a mailboat offering its service:

As if the sign could read my mind... too bad the island seems a bit unfinished yet.

Back to the city itself I went on discovering. Especially discovering height and dept as you can see ;-)

Hmmm... looks like some action.

Yeah! Why using elevators if you can have fun?

Above the city are some levitating islands located offering interesting solutions for densely crowded urban areas:

Of course it works! Now don't tell me you're not believing that Drows exist too?

To make a long story short: There are not many places in Second Life which have captivated me as much as Forgotten City. Its just an amazing place - don't miss it!

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