20 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! III

That last rezz zone was quite a disappointment - why placing one at all there if you can't even rezz a tiny chopper? Anyway, I bravely continued my journey. There is no way to stop a determined Drow - ok, except perhaps shitty music.

Marunogere, Gloomy Lunatic Asylum - PG-sim huh? But the name sounds appealing.

Hilarous joke isnt it?

Even a gloomy lunatic asylum obviously needs a certain degree of bureaucracy (or -crazy?). Mine looks nicer! And has a color-screen too :-p

Ambat, InfoNode - Can you find me? The lag here is just as massive as the castle. And of course I walked every single step up! lol

Aluluel - Drows on the road! My good friend yellowrose took the place of my co-pilot

Palmtop - time for fuel refilling. Just too bad bender didn't had some for the bike too.

The ride together went suprisingly smooth. We didn't even lost the bike when sim-crossing (and no-one ended up high in the sky or on the ground of the ocean 5 sims away). Seems the metaverse gods blessed our journey. Alas my passenger had to go to bed too soon. So I went on on my own again. Btw: why do newbies never have the patience to end a conversation? Most just walk on after getting a reply on their "Hi" from you... perhaps these arrow keys are too tempting...

Perlwinkle station - this time from the other side. Seems its gonna be rails again.

Purple station - another dead end. In German we call this Endstation btw. - but it isn't for me!

After finding out that the Great Second Life Railway isn't that "great" (according to its length) I had to think about which direction to take. I decided to take a short flight over to Kane, which looked like a promising point to ride on.
I decided however to do a little... shortcut.

Purple - Why not flying by plane this time? Luckily it doesn't needs a long runway.

Airborne over Tawhaki - It was a comfortable flight and the one time I crashed while simcrossing I found myself on some rezzable land - awesome!

Arrival at Kane - Of course the picture is not faked - just a perfect landing - and they have even a road i can rezz at - jackpot!

Kane - Switching to my bike again. And yes: I took my plane before leaving - tidy Drow!

Kane - Rezzing problems while chatting with the locals about ordinary stuff... Clown Porn, Charles Manson and his connection to the movie Donnie Darko.

Oh and they have a church there - the church of Kane, or Kain? Anyway... I got introduced to the cult of Cassie the natives of Kane do follow.

Reverend Some - Not quite a church of Kain or...

have I missed something? Wow I must have stepped right over him. Well, I don't think he will complain anymore...

Not really a suprise: outside the church is a Graveyard: I'm always in good company as you can see.

To be continued... 

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