30 March 2011

Speed Trap - Appendix

Regular followers of my Blog perhaps remember the radar trap at Bowfin I visited at part 6 of my Bike Tour. The 135 KpH I did with my chopper weren't too bad at all. But the record speed of 169 KpH did still tease me...
So today I came back. Determined to break that record. And equipped with a real beast: My Little Red car!
Well, to make a long story short:

[17:53] YD Speed Camera:
Little Red Car,
Owned by Somehow Peccable
176.078445 KpH
Fine L$146
[17:53] YD Speed Camera: New record speed!

Please kids: don't try this at home.

Me and my Little Red Car winning the Radar Trap Grand Prix of Bowfin.

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