19 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! II

Seems i really smelled blood with biking again. Today was quite the excessive tour and I even found the road again (well... more than once).

After spending the night in a house i sneaked in, I went on with my quest to find a place to finally continue biking again.

Still in Varney - have I mentioned already that I like sneaking into people's houses?

Quite the neighborhood - I wonder if they have a dungeon...

Stillman - on the way to Castle Blackmoor. I can rezz here! (and i wonder if he is tickelish)

Entering Castle Blackmoor

Inside the castle shares the same problems as many castles in Second Life have: huge building but actually a pretty empty and bare interior. And not even a dungeon - how disappointing!

Which to take? - time for a refreshment - or two...

Stillman - another pretty... bear place

Boardman - finally a road again!

Tan - and suddenly you find yourself in a roman spa.

Gray - these are the views I love Second Life for! It's an airship-store. But not really finished yet.

Some levels up in the sky: I have no idea what this machine does - I better just push some buttons then.

How cute!!!

The aviation-orientation of the sim was already a little hint, the next hint was a huge gray stripe on the map which showed me I'm getting closer an airport (which i of course instantly landmarked)!

Now I like that sim! If a jet comes by for a drag race with me?

Next to Gray is Blue, at least in the SL-color-scale. Pretty big airport btw. but...

...no decent transport connection on the ground. So i had to go again offroad a Mauve.

Chartreuse - and again I lost my bike. *grrrrs* And I have no idea what this building is good for - but it looks cool!

It's an aqueduct! Time for a shower.

Chartreuse - they must have put something in the water...

Olive - finally something roadlike!

Slate - Great Second Life Railway - quite the challenge here. I hope there is no train coming...

Maroon - surrealism or pure laziness of the builder?

Perlwinkle Station - seems spring will be delayed here *brrrr*

Perlwinkle - bad bunneh!

Perlwinkle - I cant believe it - a road!

Vari - enjoying an almost endlessly seeming road

Marunogere - I was just about to continue my ride after a rl break at a rezzbox as I found out the parcel is full - grrrrr!!!

To be continued...

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