18 March 2011

Drow in Trouble I

The nice thing with Second Life is that you can do the weirdest things and go even into publicity while staying totally anonymous.^^

As the picture below tells you, I'm submissive and into BDSM. And before you ask: No it doesn't means I'm a slave or something. I have my own mind but I also like the feeling of loss of control. A consensual adult role playing between two people who know what they do.

Since that I'm most likely not the usual sub you will find in SL. I like being treated with respect but I also like to struggle. I like it being forced to obedience with cuffs and gags and jailtime rather than degrading myself and playing the "nice pet".

I'm an active role-player (if you will call it so, I'm pretty much myself in SL anyway) who wants a bit more than just pushing buttons in rlv-menus to get into it. Oh and I switch sometimes. And I've been told I do pretty well. Who knows better what a sub likes than a sub? ;-)

Anyway - here are some pictures about... lets call it "getting into trouble". I hope you enjoy!

I will bite your hand off! Muzzled, arms in a heavy drow-secure steel clamp and legs chained together. Pretty secure you think? Just hope my look can't kill ;-)

Straitjackets are mean inventions. Especially when its itching behind your ears... at least my cell got some nice custom wallpaper - which doesnt means I did enjoy it!

Feeling a bit "unsettled" after the crotch strap got tightened...

Are you talking to me? Regular handcuffs this time. The wrists securely chained to the belt.
Uhmmm... dont ask! (and of course it had to rain too!)

The Gotham city jail gets Five out of Five Stars for setting and accommodation. Too bad the Sim is pretty dead (and the cells are non-rlv^^).

Jailed in Castle Stonehaven. This time in OC-cuffs. I spent 3 days there...

Elven Forest, Blossom - of course I have to try every cage I can find!

This would be a nice profile picture, dont you think?^^

Amazingly light cuffing this time. I must have been pretty "calm" during the intake - and that orange works great with the walls!

To be continued...

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