14 March 2011

My Second-Life-Bike Tour

Somewhen in early 2010 I had the luck to win a nice little chopper at a friend’s place, Pacific Pleasures (no, I don’t get money for this – it’s closed now anyway which you have of course to change Alex!^^).

After finding out that the typical vehicle sandboxes and enclosed streets are not that thrilling I decided to have some bigger venture.
So i started at Route 2 near my home at Sedge and headed eastwards. Exploring Second Life via bike is a much different experience than just simply Teleporting around. The different roads were build across the main continents - quite like the roads in real life and lead you to places you would never see if you only teleport around.

Me and my first bike at Neumoegen. Quite the beast to handle but a beautiful machine.

Dizzie's Roads Satellite - Posing as badass Drow

Martian Attack @ Snout - quite the Show!!!

L'ASYLUM Snout - a nice little steampunk-place.

Having a chat with the owner.Very pleasant person.

Near L'Asylum is Road 2. There are occasional rezz zones by LL - nice for a picnic.

Drow on the... well "Road". Its quite impossible to take a picture from this angle while actually driving. So I had to "arrange" this one ;-) I like the urban-decay-style of that sim (Oculea.) and it fits well to...

...Unity Station! And no: I didn’t crashed the building... at least no one saw me.
Parodies Lost: Having a break and getting some drow-fuel. Fitting name for that Sim btw.

VRC Malacosoma Station - Taking a friend for a ride. Oh... and she actually came home in one piece!
No name, Patagonia: And the gods invented Jazz... uhmm.. Chess.
Mist haven, Sundana: Reading your future: “Hmm... not good!”
At a cathedral called "Tiger Tower" at the sim Tiger (of course). Cool setting. That was my profile picture for quite some time.
Drow by the Sea, still at Tiger
Thats what bikes are made for! At a friends home after an exhausting bike tour.

Hmmm. Going over these nice menories do really inspire me to do another tour. Of course I will keep you informed about my progress ;-)

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