25 March 2011

Second Life Bike Tour - Reloaded! VII

When departing from Honeoye I had - like always - no idea what the upcoming stage of my journey will bring: Hitting banlines, losing the road, finding a friend and doing so many miles that I had even difficulties to get my route drawn on the map!

But first my bike was due to get some gasoline:

Honeoye - what a gas!

Hibdon - Another Airport - the number 36 must have some aviation-related meaning...

Athabasca - I like that sign!

Indeed quite majestic...

Of course a biker movie - do you recognize it?

Bikes, bikes and... EVEN MORE BIKES!

Noooo, there is absolutely no truth in the rumors about sexism in biker scene...

Ontario - on the highway again. A nicely open road!

Huron - /me shakes her head at the LL-construction department. Seems its time to go offroad again.

A look on the map told me there is a road some sims away in the north. Actually a pretty rideable passage until I ran into a Banline. But it took not long I ran into a newbie too who I had a pretty pleasant chat with. And I found a rezz zone too!

Keswick - showing a new resident the bike-side of Second Life.

And then we even found the road! Dimpledbaby and Some doing Easy Rider!

Netherbeck - having an after-biking chat discussing how elegantly we crashed in a sim-crossing.

After a TV-nap (its not good for much more) I continued my journey. It feels good to help a newbie getting a smooth and funny start in Second Life btw. It can be pretty overwhelming in the first days. I remember well from my early days that every advice was very appreciated.

Grizedale - interesting transportation concept.

Hardknott - obviously a wood-elf settlement. Now where to wash off all that sticky resin??

Today's progress - the dotted line marks the stage where I either had to use the fly option of my bike or tried to find my way through rough terrain (and got stuck on banlines).

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