7 May 2011

My Second Life Bike Tour the 3rd - Part 14

Today it was time to replace the banline-congested island with the freedom of open skies and a happy blue ocean below. At least I got a nice goodbye with the pleasing sight of the Darkstone Kingdoms castle before departing and I dont feel sorry of not trying to explore the island further.

Pretty representative: The place is the home of Darkstone Kingdoms at Stacey. A vampire family - as the word "feeding grounds" in the parcel description betrays.

North of the island lies the small atoll Ahab's Haunt - a great photo opportunity:

Ahab's Haunt - fitting name - even if I doubt its a sperm whale since they dont have teeth in their upper jaw.

A Submarine!
East of Ahab's Haunt lies another island which sucessfully prevented me from exploring it with welcoming me with yet another pack of security orbs and banlines. How annoying! Best to ignore its existence and just go on travelling.

When landing on Nautilus however I was welcomed by a gallery with its very own idea of "art":

Meto X - examples of gorean "art" - I would call it an oxymoron though.

Oh and beware of people with corny pictures of dolphins at their homes...

At least they sell some airplanes not far away. Even nice vintage ones!

Bleston - an Albatros D.III! Not bad. Just the textures don't convince me totally - and its more expensive than my creations :-p

Schweet, Austria in Second Life - wasn't there something about board games lately?

Mirandirge - back on the road. At its end though...

Aritol Hill - Pyramids again!

  How glad I was to get off from that island. I imagine you can see ony my flightpath how much I enjoyed the new gained freedom. I visited the island on the eastern edge of the map just enough to find out its another banline-nuisance. Since the north of Nautilus has no roads the ride wont be as smooth as expected when returning to the continent.

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